Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The End of Regular Posting

I love blogging. I also love the blogging community, the inspiration, positive comments and open and honest sharing of ideas and thoughts. I love reading other people's posts and being inspired. I'm always so excited to post something and see if anyone will comment. The interaction through comments is so fulfilling. I spend a lot of joyous hours thinking of new ways to convey ideas and articulate my opinions. The act of blogging has helped me figure out a lot about myself and how I want to express myself in this world.

Right now however, I need to concentrate on my local community, finding and sharing inspiration with people around me. I am at a bit of a cross-roads where I need to concentrate on my current state, and figure out what I am going to do.... I need take the time to research and MAKE my next step. I have been avoiding making decisions and taking action in my real life by diving into the blogging world. It is much easier for me to take a risk in my blog content then in my career or personal life. I wish I could juggle both and put the thought and time into both, but I am not that good of a multi-tasker.

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So I say good bye to regular posting. I hope this will be more of a see you later, rather than a farewell. I will still be posting at random and of course reading all your lovely posts from time to time. I will miss your daily inspiration so much....

Until the next time..... xo


  1. I just came across your lovely blog today and to my surprise noticed my blog in your blogroll. Sorry to hear you won't be posting regularly, but lucky me, there's always the archives!

    Good luck with your future endeavors. You know what they say...when one door closes another one...

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Oh I couldn't have said it better myself! How easy is it to hang out in the 'blogging world' takng the risks, 'living out the life' you would like. I admire your courage, I look forward to seeing what you achieve out in the real world but glad to see you will continue to blog now and then.
    All the best,
    Kimberlee x