Friday, April 17, 2009

Misc Items...

I love minimal clean design.... but I just can't seem to make it work in my life! I live in a relatively small apartment with a roommate, so the only real space that I have to myself is my bedroom. I have some storage, and try to organize all of my stuff so that it fits within the confines of the storage but I always seem to have extra things popping up here and there and creating a clutter! For example, I have a birthday present that I am waiting to give someone, all wrapped up, my gloves, which I don't have to wear everyday but still need some mornings, an inspiration board that I need to cover with fabric, spray paint cans that I have to return to the depot, some magazines that I use for ideas every now and again, pens and pencils, mail that I need to deal with, my pile of bags, I take a different one to work almost every day, pillow covers that need to be sewn, the list could go on and on and on.

Oh and I forgot about the constant pile of clothes that need attention! This one looks good though! Via Dwell

I clean everything up, but it all way, and then I turn around and it is all back like this! Via Dwell

What should I do? What do you do? It is getting to the point where it is keeping me up at night. Last night for instance, I had to get up and clean my whole room because I was feeling like I was sinking into a pit walled with clutter. (I think I have a clutter fear!)

My pit walled with clutter.... Via Apartment Therapy

My only solution is setting up an entrance area (if my roommate is cool with it) where we can put our miscellaneous items... Or is that just diverting the clutter? Should I just give up on many of these projects and throw the items away? I don't know what to do... I think it is time for a good spring clean.

West Elm makes it look so easy to be organized! Via West Elm

What do you think? Do you have the same problem? Is your home bursting at the seams with stuff?....

I wish I had an extra room to store all of my unfinished projects! Unfortunately they have to reside in the same room that I do! via Doorsixteen

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  1. My home is definitely bursting with stuff! I'm moving in less than 2 months though and I vow to not pack stuff I do not's going straight to the dumpster or the local goodwill. I do NOT want to accumulate stuff...Hello my name is Karen and I am an official clutterphobe.

    Miss K