Monday, October 5, 2009

Fear the Fall

With the first snow on the local mountains behind us, I am really starting to get apprehensive about the colder weather coming through, I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach a lot like the one I get when I have just been caught... Do you get this feeling too? It's rather silly because it's still really warm here - we actually broke records on September 23rd (28 degrees!), and I am sure I have a few weeks of good weather left, but I just seem to know that over the horizon are wet, dark, cold months ahead... Why does fall make me feel this way?

It might be because I live in Canada and winter can last 8 months or more, or that the summer has been so great and I have been outside so much and doing all these different activities, that I can't imagine spending my days inside...

I love plaid flannel. I am looking forward to sporting some more of this... with slippers. Beauty. James Merrell

Before I plummet into winter blues, I thought I would list off some reasons why it might be nice to have winter.... I remember not too long ago saying that I am looking forward for some cooler weather so I could get some things done, and do some activities inside that I really enjoy and have been neglected while I was out frolicking in the sun.

  • Decorate Andrea's, James' and Kevin's rooms. I gave them some ideas (posted on here) a couple of months ago, but we haven't really made any advances
  • Skiing and snowshoeing - I can't forget to get out there and enjoy the winter weather
  • Science world, museum, movies, theater
  • Crafts! I have a million projects which I would love to finish, I am sure they will start popping up on my monthly to do lists!
  • Courses
  • Baths, and steams... to just relax the day away!
  • Cooking, warm cookies from the oven... what is better?
  • Long Coffees and reading the whole newspaper on Sunday mornings
  • Organizing - it might not sound fun, but it will feel so good!

A few things I am going to do to make sure I don't get chilled to the bone this winter

Looking forward to pulling on some gloves, and a chunky sweater, and even dressing it up! Via Club Monaco

- Turn the heat up in my apartment (just once in a while) wear a summer dress play summer music, dance and drink fun summer drinks!
- Sauna, hot tub - get that body temperature up!
- Pedicure - even though no one will probably see them, it would be really nice to have pretty feet once in a while
- Sweat - not just a regular sweat, but a boot camp type sweat.
- Tea - My splurge of the year - good tasty teas!
- Candles - lots and lots of candles, with a fire extinguisher very close.
- Public fireplaces - find my favourite cafe or restaurant with a fireplace and make myself a regular!

Via Elle Decor

Hope everyone else is keeping warm and looking forward to the up coming chilly months! What do you to shake the winter blues?

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  1. We have the same type of winter here. We are lucky to have three full months without snow. Having that club monaco outfit would definitely make it easier to adjust to!