Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the love of a good place to sleep.

James, my friend Andrea's boyfriend, moved into an apartment last month and is looking to make it feel homey on a budget. He had me over to show me around his new pad and describe what he wanted. I don't have any pictures of what it looks like, but will take some this weekend and then post them... In the mean time I am going to post some inspirational rooms to see what he is feeling. I am really excited to hear what James has to say with my suggestions!

For the bedroom James has this great blue duvet cover which I wanted to work with to create a beachy (yet slightly northwest) feel...

Let's start off with some inspiration...
Warm summer bonfires near the beach....

Via Elements of Style

With a dash of tropical....

And making sure that water is the focus....

Photography by Cody Pickens via Sfgirlbybay

Bringing this all into a room....

I don't know where I got this photo from! Does anybody know?
(I just love the waves print... it inspires so much openness... I also love the use of the earth tan colours, they warm up the cool blue but maybe it will need to be a bit more masculine, like this next one...)

Via Elements of Style
(James look at the drift wood mantle... I love it! I also like the brown, and tans and wicker...)

Via Elements of Style
(Or this one, with more blue....)

Via Coco and Kelley
I really like these muted blue colours, I think if we bring in a darker blue it would really add depth to the space....

And, just randomly - an idea for your hat... get a whole bunch of them and hang them in a corner, adds some wonderful texture to the light walls, is totally beachy, and super cheap!

So what do you all think? Would you let me take your bedroom to the beach?

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  1. Splendid! My most favouritist thing out of all the inspiring images was the blue picture. It's like having a sea view in your own apartment wherever you are, so nice. The tans and general earthy brown tones were lovely too and I thought went really well.I was surprised how well sea blues (turquoise and the dull shades) went with the browns!

    I have also decided I want to continue with some themes I have always acted on in my life but never consciously thought about until now. Namely no clutter (why start now when my life has been about making do with the minimum amount of stuff-not in a frugal way but for peace and clarity of mind and home), personal touches (yes even eccentric objects on show that people may find odd, but I like) and wherever possible; natural, sustainable materials.

    I think at some point, a cool random piece of wood like the driftwood but more alive, would be great.

    I'd finally like to thank Ashley for embarking on this exciting project. She can definitely consult on my real home when I can scrape together a mortgage!