Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams Andrea!

My dear friend who's boyfriend I posted about just below is also trying to decorate her room. Andrea is an amazingly adventurous and has traveled extensively. She has Italian heritage, but also embraces the Spanish culture, speaking the language and dancing the dance (salsa). Her pastimes include cooking, yoga and being outdoors. For her room I want to incorporate many of these themes into her room, especially her travels to Turkey, yoga, and bright Spanish flair! Here is what I have come up with.....

Some ethnic elements....

Some interesting ways to show art... they also inject some lovely colour! I love the decorative frames, which are feminine and add visual interest!

This one might be a little much, especially for a bedroom, but I wanted to illustrate how mixing and matching frames and mats can really add an eclectic, romantic flare! (I am sure James will not like this room, but Andrea just might like some elements!)
Elle Decor via Coco & Kelley

Since Andrea has a cream bedspread, we can bring in the colour with pillows and a other fabric.

Via Desire to Inspire

Appeasing to the yogi in Andrea, and the green thumb, I would love to have a Buddha in the room, and some plants. A plant in front of her window might be the perfect way to diffuse the light and street noise!

I do have a question for Andrea though, are you more romantic....

Or bold?

Via Desire to Inspire


  1. I love it! You're bang on in terms of what I would want in my room, Especially the ethnic elements! In terms of both James' and my rooms I think you've done an incredible job picking out who we are as individuals and figuring out a style that works with that. Now I just have to save some money and we can start decorating! ;)


  2. ps. to answer your question....I'm romantic :)


  3. As a test of how much I know about Andrea, I want to hear what her single most favourite colour/fabric/thing is in your excellently researched photos.

    I vote for the red and white patterned thing in Via Sfgirlbybay