Friday, July 3, 2009

Guest Room Inspiration

This image from Remodelista has given me inspiration for a guestroom, that is, when I have a house with a guestroom!I love the way the bed is not made and set up almost institutionally. Such a juxtaposition from the traditional guestroom decor. It reminds me of the first day of summer camp when you run into your cabin to find the best bed! I also love it because I hate making beds and I always feel guilty as I am tearing out the beautifully made linens when staying with friends. This one found on Emma's Design Blog is also inspiring. I love the pile of magazines as a side table and the shelf!
Photography by Annika Vannerus
These both work so well because I am sure that when I have a guestroom, it will me a multifunctional room, and these simple beds will allow me to switch the room from craft space to guest space with ease!

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