Thursday, July 2, 2009

July - To dos

I have been inspired to follow in Alek's footsteps and make monthly lists. We'll see how long this will last!) See, I make them anyway, but I would like to post them so that I feel that I have to be accountable. I am also going to take her advice and make my lists manageable (this is going to be the hardest part). So I have narrowed down my huge to do list and have picked out the most important ones.
  1. Contact old professor regarding portfolio
  2. Organizational tasks*
  3. Purchase 2 staple work clothing items
  4. Sew dark roman blinds for bedroom
  5. Swim 10 times

* Organizational Tasks consists of activities way too boring to mention here!

I'll let you know how this month goes! It might be difficult if we get a lot of....

Rachel Vigor via Desire to Inspire

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  1. Hi, Ashley! Thanks for the link love. I'm always so happy to see to do lists - it encourages me to keep up with mine! And posting it for the world to see is really is a great motivator. Thanks again and good luck!