Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taking a page from the highline.

I love the modern design used to incorporate green into the walkway. Via Highline Fliker Stream

I am totally behind on posting this. I first read about it in May (in Azure I believe) but with my posting hiatus I never ever finished the post (a trend I am sure you have seen around here!). But now I have been reminded again about the Highline from my good ol' Club Monaco standby.

What beautiful fall colours! Via Highline Fliker Stream

The highline is this wonderful mile and a half, recently completed (June 2009) park in Manhattan, where an old abandoned elevated rail line has been re purposed and redesigned into a public green space. This project was funded through a joint venture between the city and private donations. On top of amazingly designed walkways and landscape, there are movable art installations and shows (both theatrical and musical) that rotate through. School programs visit, it hosts block parties, public discussions and there has been a large number of proposals on the highline since it has opened! And everything is updated on their blog. This blog would most definitely be on my favourite list if I lived in Manhattan!

I would take my lunch break here! Photograph by Nikole Bouchard via Highline Blog
In Vancouver we have this abandoned railway track running through the west side of Vancouver, much like the Highline in west Manhattan, only not elevated (which creates more logistical problems). Parts of the rail line in Vancouver are lined with gardens but much of it is just overgrown grass. It would be great to see Vancouver take a hint from New York and re-develop.

What much of the abandoned rail line looks like in Vancouver... Via Our Fernie blog


  1. I'd love to see it. I'd imagine its a great way to get a different perspective on New york.

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. We checked it out a few weeks ago, and... I tripped. I tripped everywhere. The concrete undulates where it rises up to meet the planting beds, and your eyes don't always pick up on it. It's a wonderful concept, but there are other parks in the city I like better. :(

    Word ver: peecomic. (Seriously?)

  4. That's too bad to hear. Sometimes the most aesthetically things don't stand up to practical use. Maybe they can update it before I get there! (I don't understand your last comment... word ver:...)