Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 loves

Keeping in positive mantra mode, I am starting a new series.

I'm going to list ten things I love about certain spaces. And I am going to start with this one....

I can't find the source... anyone?

  1. The shoes - of course! I like that they are all different sizes, but they are all the same style.
  2. I love the storage use of the shoes - and that they are above sitting nose level!
  3. The wooden pencils. Does anyone use these anymore? I have a few that I just love. The hexagonal shape, amazing.
  4. The tin used as a vase for the tulips.
  5. The matte black chair. I like that the chair angles are the same as the desk, but the black adds a contrast. I also love that it's matte. It really looks like it absorbs the light instead of being reflective and drawing too much attention.
  6. The sliver box. A little bling, but with straight lines a classic touch.
  7. The wallpaper, so out of Africa... Love the texture too.
  8. The drawer handles, a throw back to school days when our teachers had desks like this... I always wanted to peek in those drawers but never dared!
  9. The desk legs, at an angle, narrow and attached on the outside. Feels so deconstructed.
  10. The greenery and flowers, bring some life to your workspace.

Wow, that was too much fun. I love lists!

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