Thursday, November 5, 2009

November - To Do and Positive Mantra

Lately I have found myself to be quite negative. When someone asks me how my weekend was I am always "Good, BUT..." I am not sure why this is, possibly because I am feeling unsettled, and without purpose, or I feel slightly overwhelmed, not grounded and out of my element... Whatever the reason is, I am going to have to kick this mentality, because I'm no Debbie Downer!
I have been trying to figure out how I would kick this negativity and stick to it, and this weekend I finally had a light bulb moment! I don't know how to fully explain it, but I just have to remind myself that I am free to choose what to do. I don't have to do anything, I want to do it! For example, this weekend I was bummed because I had to go the mall to return some items. But really I want the money back, so I want to do this item. I also am really bummed about studying, but I want to do well in my courses, so I want to study.

I can see her positive mantra glowing! Cleo Sullivan

So let's see if I did everything I wanted to do for October...

  1. Sew some of the Roman Blinds - purchase doweling, top piece of wood and lining material. Cut and measure out all material - The lining material is sitting right in front of me!
  2. Move bedroom wall art
  3. Clean out room - documents, clothes and (gasp!) shoes - this was so hard, 3 bags later, my room looks a lot less cramped!
  4. Move winter clothes up, store summer clothes
  5. Keep up with course homework - it was a squeeze, but I managed.
  6. Post 1 time a week - not quite once a week but I did post more than 4 times this month!

Can you believe it? I finally got a whole list done, I am currently in shock. Now that I have some momentum, here is my want to-dos for Movember:

  1. Post once a week. Post some personal projects.
  2. Buy a winter bike. I officially can't ride my summer bike anymore.

  3. I hope this will be my new winter bike! Kona

  4. Finish decorating Kevin's room. (and post pictures)
  5. Make a complete set of study notes. Book exam.
  6. Be on the ball with work. Make deadlines. (this one is going to be hard!)
  7. Yoga twice a week - a class or a video.
  8. Book vacation. (Yes that's right I'm going on a fun vacation in 2010! More details later!)

I might be getting ahead of myself because this list looks long! Note - the roman blinds are not on here. I might have given up on them.

Even though I am not attempting to make my roman blinds this month, I still have quite a bit of sewing to do... I'm nervous, I have never done a project this large! Lucyina Moodie via Automatism

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