Monday, November 16, 2009


I am trying to bring an accent colour into a bedroom I am decorating (for a guy) and I was stumped for a while. I always like to bring in bright accent colours but they were all looking too feminine. Orange to the rescue! Especially if paired with navy blue... What do you think?

I love orange and tan! Via Elements of Style and House and Home.

I think I am going to bring in the orange accent with pillows... Via House and Home photography by Michael Graydon.

I love these orange chairs! So fun!

I really like the giraffe in the back, a great contrast with the white walls (same as what I am working with!) Both via All things lovely.

I like the repetition of orange here, and the blue. I think I would add more blue though.... House Beautiful, ken fulk design, via On interiors.

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