Friday, March 26, 2010

How do you do it?

Browsing my regular blogs I am constantly inspired by the continual creative posting and writing displayed. I always want to ask - how do you post everyday? How do you find inspiration? Despite every single one of the authors having active, lively and busy lives, they constantly coming up with new ideas, writing such beautiful verses, producing posts which I am certain takes a significant amount of time to compose. So I am looking for advice as to how you go about posting. Is it the first thing you do in the morning? Do you write several posts at once and then time them to come up every morning? Are you a night owl that ends their day with a bit of writing and self reflection before heading to bed? More importantly, do you ever sleep!?

As I am sure it is noticed, I am not a very consistent blogger, and I would like to improve on my less than sporadic posting tendencies. So I am looking for advice.


All of these images are from the series "Where we blog from" on Jane Flanagan's Blog I'll Seen, I'll Said. Jane, I must say, your words and images day after day are truly an inspiration. I am always blown away by how many splendid ideas you so eloquently discuss on your blog on a weekly basis.

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  1. Ach! Thank you Ashley! I'm sending you an e-mail :)