Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Well I'm one day early on this blog post. That is a first for me. Although it does mean that I am delaying other things, so kind of a net net. But still meeting a deadline before the deadline is definitely a novelty around here...

Unfortunately this post will definitely fall on the 'less inspiring', but it's still a good touch base for the goals. So how has this week gone? Well can I tell you, my goals are conflicting. For example this weekend, I definitely picked the take time for myself over be outdoors.

I had all these plans to do great outdoor activities on Sunday, but then it was kind of drizzling in the am, so I started to read... not clean, not fix stuff but take time for myself. It was lovely, until I looked up, it was sunny outside and it was 2:00pm. 2:00pm!! I had definitely missed the boat on a larger outdoor activity that day. (I did make it out for a walk/run with my dog, who seemed to refuse to go faster than a doggy trot.)

On a positive note, I was outside for most of the day on Saturday and slept for 9+ hours on Saturday night.  So I think I checked a few of the goals off for the week. I'm definitely going to try and keep some consistency in this, since I didn't get to bed too early during the week!

I've also noticed that one thing that makes me happy is having a clean house, it doesn't have to be clean to most people's standards, but neat, and with items in their place (I am only mentioning this because its definitely not this way now). I typically only clean when it gets dire or when I have guests over, but I'd really like to have anyone pop by whenever and have it in a state I would be proud to show to anyone. I'm not sure how I am going to do this, since I have a natural habit of dropping things rather than placing them carefully where they belong, as well most of my messes occur when I'm in a rush, or popping in and out. Which happens more often than not. So I imagine a clean house will be more of a reflection on a larger lifestyle change than just a small change in my house tidying activity. But none the less, it's going on my goals list! Let's see if I'll have as many positive things to report on next week as this!

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