Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I'm off on my first vacation of 2016 this week and I am just over the moon! I'm off to Washington DC and Boston, not my typical destinations, but I'm very excited for a 'city-cation'. 

Previously, wanted my vacations include adventure, physical activity and something a bit more remote, but in the past while, I have been dreaming a bit more about cities. I'm so excited to spend some time exploring a city, and really being able to slow down and smell the rose scented bath soaps.

Do you ever feel like you miss out on the wonderful things your city has to offer because you have access to it every day and you take that for granted?

I find that life in my own city is consumed with seeing friends and family, visiting habitual haunts, tackling long lists of to-dos, or fitting in fitness. My desire to to have a 'productive weekend' overwhelms any whimsical yearnings to stroll through new neighbourhoods and really enjoy the city I live in. I remember one weekend where we walked to brunch in a new neighbourhood. I had never been in this area despite it being a 20 minute walk from my house! I discovered things I had only vaguely heard of and felt elation and a brimming pride for my city, I didn't know it was so cool! 

But I haven't been able to do that since that weekend well over two months ago. I remember on Sunday night feeling disappointed that I had 'wasted' time that morning, walking to brunch, rather than getting more items done. And on Monday, I was conflicted - the weekend had been relaxing, but my laundry was not done, and those items I had to return to Home Depot were still sitting at my front door. 

So how do we balance? I keep on struggling with that every day - and to be honest, I have come to realize that checking items off my list is more important than strolling through a new neighbourhood, because those items on the list represent future fun that I am not willing to give up. So I try to keep my lists to a minimum, and not dream up more low value ideas to add.  But for me, I really think that 'city-cations' are the way to enjoy cities and slow down without worrying about the loads of dirty laundry, or the half completed DIY project sitting on my kitchen table. In Washington and Boston, I'll have time to stroll and smell the cherry blossoms. 
This is for real in Washington! Via Travel and Leisure

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