Friday, April 29, 2016


Ever have this sense that the world keeps on getting busier? 

It seems to me that my lists get longer and my ability to get them done is diminishing. I have blamed my long work hours, lack of sleep, TV watching, and my high expectations. But a while ago I tracked my time for a few weeks and what I found was somewhat surprising.


So for about a month (on and off), I categorized every moment of my life - commuting, getting ready (for work and for bed), cleaning (haha), working, sleeping, watching TV, exercising, eating. You name it, I colour coded it into a spreadsheet. But there was always a missing hour or two. I first called it down time, but then I realized that it was too much time to be called that. It was social media time. 

I'm not a huge poster on social media. I insta a bit, but only post an amazing activity, so my weekday life doesn't usually cut it. What I do is I scroll. And as I scroll, the minutes slip by. More minutes than I care to admit. In the hours I browse other people's lives, I could likely make mine significantly more productive, or relaxing, or as I am trying to convince myself, better. 

So we'll see. This post gives me a bit of an idea of what I would do with my free time, but my experience may be different - social media hours may just become TV hours. They may (please, please) become sleep hours. 

I've logged out of my Facebook and Instagram accounts on my phone. That's it. I will try to not log back in for a week, but I don't want to completely remove them from my realm. Hopefully being logged off will allow me just enough separation that it is not an automatic time filler. I will have to master my FOMO and allow my life to be better! 

Wish me luck. 

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