Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three things... (2016.06.09)

Three things I have been loving these days:

MM Lafleur
There are so many dresses and tops I would love to wear to work... Plus the models have the most amazing poses! 
Love this feminine but not floral top

"A material so comfortable, it will give your yoga pants a serious run for their money" And it's machine washable? Sold.
So that's what I look like when when someone does something wrong...
What a great classic dress, a V neck that isn't too deep! 

They also have this service call the Bento Box, where you fill out a questionnaire and then they send you a box full of items they think you would like - including jewelry! You just mail back the items that don't work. Unfortunately it's only currently shipping to the states... Or else I would be signing up!

Block Heel Shoes

They are a great mix between high heels and flats and keeps things dressy in a no none sense kind of way, Now with a sprained ankle, getting a pair has become more pressing. I ordered the following three pairs of shoes, hoping one of them will work out

Gravity Pope

Gold Detail

Bow detail

They are sooo nice and comfortable! But quite a high heel still 

Brunch & Aquafaba
I had some friends over for brunch on the weekend and it was just the loveliest time. It was nice to get together before the temperatures soared into the 30s. I have fallen off the brunch wagon with my intolerance to eggs (it really limits the options!) so I took this opportunity to try out some eggless brunch recipes. Let me tell you Aquafaba is a game changer. 

A little icing on the top

These waffles were pretty darn delicious and fluffy, and I couldn't really tell that they were egg free! I would probably add less sugar next time.

I'm also excited to try some of these recipes. 

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