Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016-11-30 Three Things - Holiday Light Edition

With the final day of November upon us, I can't help but think about the holidays. The cookies, the hot chocolate, the rum... I mean the trees, the lights the stockings. 

This weekend I am decorating my house. I currently have a wide variety of hand-me-downs that I try to place sparingly around the house without it feeling too cluttered but still cozy. I don't think I will ever give up these decorations (sentimental value) but if by chance I was starting a new, here are three light decorations (cozy and festive!):

Deer or Tree light
I've loved these for a long time - they would make a great little bedside light. And now I think they would make the most amazing Christmas decoration. Imagine going to bed every night looking at this little cutie?
Large Modern Reindeer lamp, concrete deer lamp, christmas reindeer lamp, deer night light, woodland decorative lamp
From SturlesiDesign
Modern christmas tree lamp, concrete table lamp, concrete night light, Christmas decorative lamp
I wonder if I could get this in 5 foot tall form? Most modern Christmas Tree.

SNOW Marquee Letters
I love how simple they are, and how they capture exactly what I love about the season. Wouldn't these be great outside, with snow on them?
I would make these in white and 3x larger and have them on my front porch... Via 13ozor
Star Lights 
This is a simple, cheap idea that really spruce my place. I put these in my front window so everyone knows, I'm in the spirit. Plus, I put them on a timer. No better sight to come home to than these glowing!

STRÅLA Lamp shade   Create your own personalized pendant or table lamp by combining the lamp shade with STRÅLA cord set or base.
Via Ikea

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