Friday, February 26, 2016

Mind Games

My brain is really good at the opposite game. When I should focus on a task, I can't seem to get wandering thoughts (or more appropriately thoughts about wandering) out of my mind. And when I ask my brain to explore, it tends to focus in on one item... 

Happyolks | Shortbread Clouds, Three Ways
From Happyolks
My hometown is going through a bit of a soul searching mission these days. The economic health of the city is in serious question. Layoffs, reduced time, reduced salaries are the norm, and people are having to adjust their outlooks for new realities. 

At the moment, I am fortunate to still be employed, but every day that I leave work with my employment intact, I feel like I've bought one more day. In a scenario like this, I should really buckle down and just focus on work as much as possible. 

Have you heard about Death Valley and the flowers this year?
But with the anxiety of the unknown, it seems my brain would rather wander. Just when it is not supposed to. Perhaps this is a sign of lack of mental resilience or training, (and maybe I've found another self-improvement goal to add to my list). Or maybe it's natural... 

Whatever it is - I have been exploring here and here and here... and have been listening to this wandering playlist...

Which actually helps me come back into focus. 

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