Thursday, March 19, 2009

La Mode du Rue

There is an underlying sense of sophistication in french style. I believe it is an inherent skill that all french women possess. When they sport a piece that is funky, bright, or different, they always manage to ground it and keep the look cohesive, sophisticated, and finished. More often than not they use black as their anchor, and in just the right amounts.

French women have also mastered the use of textures. Layering keeps the ensembles interesting and adds a supple, luxurious element.

Via The Sartorialist

I try to avoid wearing all black for fear of the drab factor, but these lovely ladies layer it on and come out looking fresh, not like a goth in training!

Via French Elle

Via Garance Dore

Most importantly, french women have a confidence about them - like they know some funny secret and are always ready to flirt!

Via Facehunter

I mustn't forget...Shoes!! They are never an afterthought... and heals are always welcome!

Via Garance Dore

Sigh, if I only was taught how to dress french instead of the pass tense conjugation of an irregular verb....

What do you think french style is?

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