Thursday, March 5, 2009

Layer on Pink

I'm posting about pink again! Well it seems like I have developed a little hankering for it! I do love this rich plum version of the bubblegum favourite! (I'm sure that colour experts are reeling at my comparison!)

I feel that it is alright for me to like this pink - it is so rich but not overbearingly bright and it doesn't scream barbie doll corvette! I love how this colour adds some flair to the rooms without overpowering the space. I am drawn to the depth and warmth evoked in these rooms. I think this strong rich colour as the backdrop helps the layers of textures and shapes (see mantle below and shelves above) appear to be more cohesive and look less cluttered. I could spend hours looking at all the details in these two images. Okay - I'll list a few that have caught my eye!

Kitchen: garlands, the old signs and tins, the wall mounted spices - round containers, put together in a square shape - love that geometry

Living Room: Wood set of 4 drawers, the ottoman, the l-o-v-e letters on the top shelf, the candle holder/angel in front of the fire place.

This room is inspiring - see I'm a closet pack rat, I am so worried that one day I am going to be buried by all my 'stuff' but India shows that you can have a lot of stuff, display it (which is what I like to do) and still have a house that looks beautiful! How I wish I could make all of my 'stuff' look this good!
We all know that I love black, but it can be very bold, stark and formal. This lovely pink pattern sooths the otherwise stark wall and ties in well with the pink on the bed. Just imagine how formal this room would feel if the pink stencils weren't applied to the wall! I also love the way the bed just pops out of the room, as it contrasts with the furniture and wall.

What a poetic way to wrap a pot! Random - just like I feel this post is!

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