Monday, March 23, 2009

C'est la fin.

Last week I had to run out early without a wrap up of French week! Not to worry, I will wrap it up here today.

So, other than my blog posts, what did I do to make last week so french? Well, I spoke french with myself as well as with a high school friend, listened to the CBC french music radio station on 90.9 (although I only understood 1 out of 3 words), and I tried to add some flair to my outfits! Very small steps... But I have been inspired to wear more heals, and dust off a french book I have on my shelves!
So for my final post, I want to be able imagining myself living in France. In a cute apartment with Parisian flare but with modern touches too.... Where to the French really live?...well, I think I have found the perfect place.... come on in!

This lovely Parisian apartment is that of Marieke Berghuis as it was featured on Design*Sponge

So I would like to send you off with some profound, life altering thought on French Design and Style, however with my Monday mind I can only relate it back to what first inspired me to go on this week long look at France... The language... ready? Here is is my huge insight...

French Style is a lot the French language, its all about the accents!

Don't you agree?


  1. OOH, deep. haha, love the insight, so true.

  2. what a lovely place, simple yet so chic! :)

  3. As I too adore France, the french language, the french lifestyle, and my *french canvas* wall color :) I am so happy that I found you just in time to see this post! I wish we had a french radio station here - the closest I get is each week when I drive to Mt. Vernon I get about 20 minutes each way of 97.7, I believe, coming out of Vancouver! Thankfully I have my french class each week to fill my french language addiction...
    Have a lovely afternoon~